In May 2017 Victoria learned she had passed the Profession Engineering (PE) exam.  She graduated from School of Mines & Technology and worked for the State of South Dakota for a year before moving to CEC in 2012.  “I love being on project sites, you can’t truly learn the geotechnical engineering field unless you’re getting your hands dirty.”  Being a registered professional engineer was the next step to really move forward in my career.

She is a second generation civil engineer.  Her father works for another engineering company in Sioux Falls.  “I was in elementary school while my dad was attending SDSU.  Watching him work so hard for his engineering degree really inspired me.” Victoria says.

“Being a mother of two young children and studying for the PE test was very difficult.  What I can now do for Core Engineering will be well worth it.  And hopefully my kids will see this achievement as inspiration to go after their dreams, no matter how difficult it may seem.”