Geotechnical Engineering

CEC can provide drilling services with a complete in-house and field testing
services. Specific geotechnical engineering services include:

Building Condition Survey
Communication Tower Recommendations
Contract Drilling Services
Gravel Exploration
Ground/Earth Electric Resistivity
Groundwater Analysis
Piezometer/Monitoring Well Installations
Lagoon Liner Recommendations
Septic Tank & Drain Field Recommendations
Deep Foundation Recommendations including drilled pier, driven pile and helical piers
Shallow Foundation Recommendations including mat, spread and column footings
Pavement and Subgrade Grading, Preparation
and Thickness Recommendations
Retaining Wall Design and Backfill Preparation Recommendations
Slope Stability Evaluations including Landslide Monitoring, Mitigation and Repair
Utility Line Installation Recommendations

Construction Materials Testing


CEC’s in-house laboratory allows for timely and accurate analysis of the
geologic materials sampled during geotechnical explorations; while, CEC’s
field testing equipment enables our personnel to performed field quality
control operations for asphalt, concrete, grout, masonry, shotcrete and soil
materials. Specific field and laboratory testing services provided include:

Construction Observation & Documentation
Excavation Observations and Evaluations
Aggregate/Soil Moisture & Density Testing
Aggregate/Soil Property Analysis
Asphalt Materials Testing
Concrete Materials Testing
Masonry Materials Testing
Core Sampling
Concrete/Masonry Compression Tests
Piling and Drilled Pier Observation

Environmental Testing

CEC provides a range of environmental services by maintaining
partnerships with full-service environmental laboratories to provide
accurate, timely test results to meet regulatory requirements. Specific
environmental services provided include:

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
Feedlot Design & Permitting Services
Contamination Assessment & Screening
Groundwater and Soil Characterations